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February 28, 2017
Find a Quality New Hyundai in Miami at Lehman Hyundai

Find a Quality New Hyundai in Miami at Lehman Hyundai

Lehman Hyundai is more than prepared to help every customer that walks through our doors as much as we possibly can. We maintain a large inventory of new and pre-owned Hyundai vehicles ready to be sold, and driven off the lot without a second thought. Visit our dealership to find the excellent new Hyundai in Miami that you are searching for, without having to travel far thanks to our convenient location. Here are two examples of quality Hyundai models available to you at Lehman Hyundai!

Hyundai Elantra

Plenty of personalization is available for the Hyundai Elantra with 8 different exterior colors to choose from, and two different interior styles. Different features like the 7-inch display audio with Android Autoä and Apple CarPlayä to make playing your favorite genre of music or bands much easier with the quick and easy access from your compatible smartphone device. Other features like the Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Lane Change Assist are implanted to keep you and your loved ones safe within this new Hyundai in Miami. The Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross Traffic Alert is a tool to warn the driver of a vehicle or pedestrian in an area they may not be able to see well on the roads, or while reversing in a driveway or parking lot. The Lane Change Assist feature is designed to sense the painted lines of the road, and detect when the new Hyundai in Miami is drifting out of the lane without the proper turn signals, and even can provide corrective action if found to be necessary. Why wait any longer to test this vehicle? Come to Lehman Hyundai to go for a test drive in any used or new Hyundai in Miami.
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Hyundai Accent

When you are looking to purchase a vehicle, you want to know that you will remain safe and as protected as possible in the worst case scenario. The Hyundai Accent has some features that are designed to keep you protected and unharmed. A total of 6 front sided and side curtain airbags are standard in the Accent, and will be there for you if a wreck was unavoidable. The Vehicle Stability Management system utilizes the Accent’s intelligent braking system and gives it incredible stability. The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is one component of the Vehicle Stability Management system that detects when the car skids, and acts immediately by adjusting the throttle input and applying precise amounts of braking to individual wheels to keep you from moving astray. The Traction Control system transfers power to the stable wheels after the ESC completes it’s duty in the Vehicle Stability Management.

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If you need your new Hyundai in Miami to be serviced or need regular maintenance, then leave your vehicle with our trusted Car Care Service Center. We know Hyundai vehicles like the back of our hand, and will get them back running smoothly in no time. Contact Lehman Hyundai if you have any questions about either of the vehicles mentioned above, other used vehicles not mentioned, or another new Hyundai in Miami. You can get even more information from our website, and if that is not enough feel free to stop by our office, call us, or email us for a quick and accurate response!
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